12 Skincare Tips For Winter Ski & Snowboard Trips From An Esthetican & Snowboarder

12 Skincare Tips For Winter Ski & Snowboard Trips From An Esthetican & Snowboarder

As an Esthetican who is a lover of winter sports, a person who has sensitive and combination to dry skin, and also a native of Colorado, I have unique insights regarding skincare for snowboarders and skiers.  While working on staff as an Esthetician at the Devil's Thumb Ranch Creek Spa located at Devil's Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado - I provided professional organic skincare with a view of the Continental Divide out of my treatment room window.  All of the clients came with the same skincare concern = please make my dry, chapped skin feel hydrated again!

Use these 12 Pro Skincare Tips for your winter snowboard or ski trip to maintain healthy skin while facing (literally) a harsh, extreme winter environment of low temps, high winds, blowing snow, and/or excessively bright sunshine. 

Tip #1 Consider packing using a balm as a spot treatment on areas that may be excessively dry, chapped, and/or peeling.  As the Derm Planet Esthetician I suggest the Sheald Recovery Balm by IS Clinical, available now at Derm Planet. 

Tip #2 Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.  

Tip #3 Cleanse skin as usual with tepid or slightly warm water.  Hot water may be excessively drying to skin and affect the health of your skin barrier.  

Tip #4 Be sure to WEAR SUNSCREEN.  Did you know that even if when it is not sunny outside, the snow reflects the light back onto your skin at higher altitudes?  Also you are literally "closer to the sun" when in areas located at a higher altitude, and this means you are more likely to get UV damage.  I suggest the IS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 40 that hydrates the skin and provides a physical mineral protection from UV damage.  I LOVE this sunscreen because it is available in clear or if you prefer a little coverage on your skin there are two tinted tones "Perfect Tint Bronze" or "Perfect Tint Beige"available that will auto adjust to match your skin tone! View the full details at the link below.  


Tip #5 Soak in a natural geothermal hot springs if there are any accessible in the area.  Although the water is hot, the spring water naturally contains minerals that will nourish the skin.  Consider skipping a shower after your visit to get the full benefits of the minerals for your skin, but be sure to bathe the next morning! Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your visit.  

Tip #6 As an Esthetician, I suggest the use of a skincare serum with extremozymes like the GENXC Serurm by IS Clinical available at Derm Planet. IS Clinical developed this technology by extracting enzymes from plants that survive in extreme climates.  This potent serum hydrates, brightens, and restores vitality to he skin with just a 3-4 drops applied daily.

Tip #7 Use a gentle exfoliation to remove flaking, dead, or dry skin.  If your skin is excessively peeling - do not attempt to pick or peel the skin.  You must continue to reapply a hydrating skincare product such as moisturizer or the Sheald Recovery Balm until the skin heals.  Be sure to take extra precaution to protect these areas from the sun with face cover, and sunscreen when possible.  Please note, it is important to not over exfoliate.  If you are visiting a ski area for a week for example, exfoliating once or twice in the evening is all that is needed.  Take care to not over exfoliate while on your winter trip, as your skin is already stressed from the change to an extreme climate with dry and cold air.

My suggestion as the Derm Planet House Esthetician is the Tri Active Exfoliating Masque by IS Clinical.  This treatment will remove dull, dry, flaking skin while also brightening and softening the skin.  The Tri Active Exfoliating Masque has been featured as a highly effective exfoliating masque in multiple reputable publications.  See the link below for the full details, and order your Tri Active Exfoliating Masque from Derm Planet today at the link below.


  • AskMen.com: Grooming Awards for Best Exfoliating Mask
  • InStyle: Best Beauty Buys as the Best Mask for Oily Skin
  • Men's Journal: Best Summer Skincare Products

Be sure to text a photo of your winter season pass, Epic Pass, or Ikon Pass to Derm Planet at 310.487.3810 for an exclusive 15% discount on your winter skincare orders!

Tip #8 Your lips can get sun damage and pigmentation too! Hydrate chapped lips by applying a lip balm with SPF throughout the day.  This is the one skincare item that we actually suggest keeping with you on mountain at all times to reapply as needed! 

Tip #9 Keep your face protected with a balaclava mask or other types of physical protection. While this article is not about head injury prevention, please stay safe and be sure to wear a helmet at all times.

Frostbite is a potential when in extremely cold weather.  It is best to stay with a buddy, and check each other in between runs for skin that is turning white and may be feeling "numb."  This is the first sign of the skin damage.  If you see this, be sure to head inside IMMEDIATELY to warm up and recover if for any reason you may be experiencing frostbite and seek medical advise if needed as tat his may cause severe skin damage that may be permanent or not easily reversed. 

Tip #10 Consider taking a break from your AHA actives in the PM because they create new skin cells overnight while you shed off old, damaged cells.  The newly developed skin cells aka "baby skin cells" are more fragile, and at a higher risk for sun damage.  Ease back into your normal PM active skincare regimen when you return home.  Please note, there is a process when beginning or stopping the use of serums with actives.  It is best to begin with your treatment only every other night, and work back up to daily use.  If your skin is irritated from dryness due to your ski trip, do not use any "actives" until your skin has come back into full balance and is no longer feeling overly dry.   If you would like professional advice for this process, our Derm Planet Esthetician is available for consultation by calling or texting 310.487.3810.  

Tip #11 Consider adding a hydrating serum such as the Revitalixr Serum by Murad to your skincare regimen during dry winter months.   Benefits of adding this serum will include additional increased barrier protection, aging prevention, and ultra dry skin being soothed.  This may be used “as needed” when you feel you need a hydrating boost on days when your skin is feeling extra parched.

Tip #12 Get a facial! Vacation doesn't have to stop just because you are home! Consider treating yourself to a hydrating facial when you return home to fully recover your skin from your time spent on the slopes. 

If you are in Southern California, and returning from a visit to Mammoth Mountain, June Mountain, or Big Bear Mountain Resort - we suggest an appointment with our Derm Planet Esthetician at the Starshine Spa located in the neighborhood of Brentwood Village in West Los Angeles.   

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