Now you can enjoy expert skincare from your cabin in the woods to chalet!*  Book a Virtual Facial with Derm Planet House Master Esthetician with over 15 years of professional skincare experience.  Order your Virtual Facial Consultation at DERMPLANET.COM at the link below and our staff will contact you to set up a session via Google Meet. 

Treat acne, age gracefully, hydrate parched skin, or prep for a special event from the comfort of your own home.  This is perfect for guests who desire routine professional skincare from the privacy of their home, or guests that reside in rural or mountainous areas.  Treat dehydrated skin, sun-damaged skin, stubborn acne, aging skin, prevent aging, and those with stubborn acne 

*High Speed Internet Access Is Required For The Appointment + Access To Google Meet. The facial is professional skincare.  Please seek medical advise from a medical professional if you require medical care or diagnosis.  

The Derm Planet Master Esthetician is actively licensed as a Cosmetologist in the State of California and has maintained a valid license in the profession since 2006.