4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Cosmetic Injections Or Fillers

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Cosmetic Injections Or Fillers

Are you seeking solutions to crow's feet and fine lines in the eye area, forehead, or around the lips and considering a cosmetic filler and/or Botox injection? While it may seem alluring to have a single trip to the medi-spa and walk out with the appearance of a woman potentially a decade younger than when you walked in minutes before, the results are temporary and these costly injections are typically not covered by medical insurance.  The culture surrounding cosmetic injections and fillers has created a false pretense by the public that cosmetic injections and fillers are the primary solution to defying the signs of aging. However, the decision to partake in any pharmaceutical drug in the name of beauty is a serious choice to make, and the consequences are greatly unspoken of and overlooked.  Before you choose your lifestyle and treatment options for defying age, it is important to ask yourself and reflect upon these four questions.  

  1. Did it seem like the medical professional, ad campaign, or "friend" who suggested cosmetic injections and/or fillers as a viable option was coming from a place of honesty, knowledge on the subject, and integrity? How much time did they take to actually discuss your current daily skincare routine? Were they transparent in advising you of other options that are not invasive and risky such as seeing an Esthetician for facials, chemical peels, or other resurfacing treatments? 
  2. Is this treatment with a high cost for a temporary solution to my lines, wrinkles, lack of emphasized facial features the best option at this time? Where will this choice leave me and the health of my skin several months from now - other than needing another injection versus finding effective long term solutions at a more affordable price? According to goodrx.com, the average cost of a Botox injection was $466 in 2020 and is not covered for cosmetic purposes by health insurance. The injections will last approximately 3-4 months. 
  3. Have I tried more safe, non-invasive options on a consistent basis such as daily corrective/active serums including retinol, along with anti aging moisturizers and eye creams with peptides and hyaluronic acid, investing in a microcurrent device, jade roller, gua sha, and/or face yoga coaching/workouts?  There is always a risk for additional medical care needed due to any complications that may arise both in the short and long term.  While the marketing campaigns in social media an be alluring and highly deceptive it is important to stay grounded when making this important life decision.  
  4. Do I want to go through the pain of cosmetic injections, for the short term results of "beauty," when there are other options available that are painless, and may actually be a pleasurable experience, at a lower cost?  After all, your health is your wealth! 

4 Non-Invasive Alternative Remedies To Defy The Signs of Aging 

1. What most medi spas don't want you to know is that you can create more collagen production in your skin naturally with daily self facial massage and routinely working out the muscles of your face with Face Yoga.  People who maintain a fit body physique frequently workout the muscle groups in which they desire the tone, the same goes for areas of the face in which you desire prevention and/or correction. Are you in an area where there is no access to Face Yoga, spas, or unsure where to find where to learn Face Yoga from a reputable source? At Derm Planet, our House Esthetician has curated a virtual skincare program so that anyone in the US with phone or internet access, can access Face Yoga Coaching and Virtual Facial Consultations from their location.  Book your 1 on 1 Consultation and Face Yoga Coaching Session with the Derm Planet House Esthetician & Certified Face Yoga Coach today by visiting our online booking tool.  Book your online coaching session here.


2. Create a daily skincare regimen that will create both short term and lasting results to your skin concerns.  Consult with your skincare professional about the best products to reach your goals.  If you are not already working with a skincare professional, Derm Planet has you covered with a complimentary 15 minute virtual skin analysis with the Derm Planet House Esthetician for no cost.

3. Maintaining consistent skincare with a daily regimen with active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin a, vitamin c, niacinamide,alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, and peptides will continue to create noticeable results over time. Completing a quick 15-20 minute Face Yoga workout several times a week, or as a part of your daily skincare regimen will actually lift and firm the muscles in your face and  creating more integrity in the health of your skin! With so many serums and brands these days, are you having difficulty where to start? The staples of a basic skincare routine include 3 steps: cleansing to remove oil and debris and properly prepping the skin to absorb the products applied post cleanse followed with toning the skin to balance Ph, applying a corrective serum to treat skin concerns, finished by hydrating the skin with a moisturizer. Be sure to follow the golden rule of skincare - always wear sun protection aka sunscreen on your facial area in the morning. One of my favorites for age defying while adding hydration is the Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum with niacinimide to refine the texture of the skin and lighten hyperpigmentation, neuropeptides to smooth the appearance of fine lines, and wild indigo and caffeine to reduce dark circles and puffiness in the eye area as a 2 in 1 to defy the signs of aging safe for both the face and eyes. Try it at Derm Planet by ordering from the link below. Use the promo code HAPPYSKIN to save 10% when you order the Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum at Derm Planet.

The IS Clinical Pro Heal Serum Advance is formulated to provide a dose of retinol along with arbutin, the secret weapon to brighten dark spots, and Vitamin E to provide the skin with antioxidant support and moisture. This highly concentrated serum is an ideal go to serum for anyone looking to start their age defying skin routine. Get two complimentary IS Clinical premium skincare samples and a $10 Derm Planet Gift Card to use on future purchases with promo code BLOGPROHEAL when you order a 1 Ounce IS Clinical Proheal Serum Advance at Derm Planet.
4. Prevention and protection is key. Wearing SPF in the morning is the single best thing you can do to prevent the signs of aging. The lead cause of early aging is photo damage, also known as sun damage. For most skin types a quality professional sunscreen provides enough hydration to double as a morning moisturizer and sun protection in one step. The IS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 40 is the perfect addition to any morning skincare routine because it is enriched with Vitamin E for added hydration, is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, reef safe, available in clear and 2 tinted shades, and is formulated with proprietary Extremozyme technology the protects with skin from environmental aggressors beyond sun damage including pollution.

Disclaimer the information shared in this blog is not medical advise.  The staff at Derm Planet does not claim to have medical licensing, nor is attempting to provide medical advise in the statements written in this blog.  If you are experiencing any skin or medical conditions that may need the care of a physician, please seek care from your nearest medical professional.  In the event you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. 

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