Collection: Skincare For Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common concerns for skin.  Excessively dry skin may lead to a compromised skin barrier, which is the lead cause for premature aging.  Keep your skin hydrated by applying a professional quality moisturizer formulated for the skin of the face both morning and during your evening skincare routine.  Finding the sweet spot for exfoliation habits is also a key to achieving and maintaining supple, hydrated skin.  People who reside at higher altitudes, or desert areas also live in a more dry climate and this affects the health of the skin. 

Get your hydrating skincare for your lifestyle at Derm Planet! Winter sports enthusiasts such as snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobile riders spend long days exposed to cold air along with either excessive sun exposure, or exposure to precipitation such as cold blowing snow in the face.  Summer activity and sports enthusiasts including surfers, SUP,  mountaineers, wake boarders, swimmers, snorkelers, scuba divers, boat captains and beach bunnies spend lots of time in the sunshine, and may be exposed to excessive amounts of water.  While salt water does having healing properties for the skin and body, spending long amounts of time in fresh or salt water in combination with long hours in the sun may be drying to the skin. Replenish and protect your skin for your lifestyle with a daily skincare regimen from Derm Planet. 

Not sure which products are best for you, or what to add to improve your regimen?  Call us for a 5 minute FREE skincare consultation with the Derm Planet House Esthetician, or book a 30 Minute IS Clinical Fire & Ice Virtual Facial Consultation with the Derm Planet House Esthetician.  During your session skincare coaching and custom recommendations will be provided.